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Hi there everyone,

I see that there's quite a bit of interest in my newest coin and there's a few people asking about buying them. (Thank you!!)

Tree of Life coin by sandara

This one is just the sample the mint sent me.

I will be getting the first round of minting of this coin in a month or so, and it will come in 5 color variants.

At the same time, I will be re-minting my Hades/Persephone and Loki coins.

So sometime in October there will be all 3 coins for sale.

***fingers crossed that the mint has no delays***
Hey Dota2 players,

My artwork "the Radiant" is now up in the steam workshop.
If you like it, please rate it! :)

Here is the link to it :…

The Radiant by sandara

Thank you! :heart:
Hi everyone!
The coins are sold out.

There is the new Loki's Children coins My 2nd coin design! by sandara
which are loosely based off this drawing of mine : Loki's Children by sandara

Also there is the 2nd minting of the Hades and Persephone coins.

Hnp coins 2nd minting by sandara

The colors for the Fall, Spring and Black (Hades) coins have changed! So those of you who got the 1st minting of them... they're now even more special as I won't be minting in those colors again.

All the coins have a unique serial number stamped on to the sides, and they will ship in a plastic sleeve.
Hey everyone,

I will be at the Chicago MtG Grand Prix (June 20th-22nd), thanks to Pastimes who invited me.
I'll be hanging around Chicago for a couple of days before and after that event too.

Does anyone know if there's anything fun to see in Chicago? :D
This is the first time I'll be visiting the states, and it's really sad that I can't stay a little longer. But, better than not going at all! :D

If you're attending the Grand Prix, I guess I'll see you there! (despite the fact that I have never done any work for the MtG cards.... only the playmats for Pastimes... ow XD) Not sure what I'll be doing there too XD
But do drop by and chat! :D
A kind person is helping me out with my phylo tree :D
check out Selenada's beautiful art! She does the most lovely portraits.
And... hehehe...

Celtic Princess by Selenada

It's so nice of her to dedicate something to me ;____;
Look at this, so beautiful... something I wouldn't be able to do in a hundred years.
I know she's a really busy person, so I'm very touched she would take time to do this!

Hey everyone,

I know some of you are curious about my workflow (very messy) or want to see me do a live demo so...
I will be doing a Level Up session on Sunday, May 4th... at 00.00 midnight GMT.
(and you can see my face also... haha... T_T;;  )

Here is a link to the fb page where you can find all the info :…

If you have any questions, please leave a comment, I will try to answer it.

Please don't add me on facebook, as my facebook is for personal stuff and I only add people I know in real life or have correspondence with. I'm so sorry about that! >_<;; (I know a lot of people use fb to connect with people but I only use DA for that and all my art related stuff is here on DA.)
I get asked sometimes about how I draw and/or start drawing and practice.
Selenada has written a very good post about it, so if it's been bugging you, please check it out.…

cheers :)

offer has ended

The comicon challenge is now open for voting... if you have the time, please vote for my piece! Thank you very much!!…

Add any entry to your voting box by pressing
"Add to vote box." Then visit your Vote Box to place your favorites in order.

Voting is only until 24th march!

My entry is the Joker one, it should be the very last one on the 2D list.

Thank you!!! >_<;;
Hi everyone!

For those who have bought the coins, first, thank you!
Secondly, I will be shipping them out on Monday (10th March). (At the latest Wednesday, 12th March).
Some have already been sent out, for those first few buyers.
I am sorry I can't reply to each of you for this, but I'm using all my time to pack the coins as fast as I can.
(There were so many orders! It was so unexpected)
When the coins are sent, I will send you a notification via etsy.

Shipping to the States and UK should be about 2 - 3 weeks. For those from Norway, Sweden, Ukraine, Russia, I am not so sure as I have not shipped to those countries before, but I think it should be about the same, 2 - 3 weeks.

Also, many people are asking if I will re-mint this batch of coins.
I am thinking to have the 2nd batch made in October this year. I'm also considering designing another coin. :)

Finally, thank you all for the support! :)
It was a bit of a risk for me to have these coins made, but your support for them really made my day! :heart:
Society6 is having a free shipping and $5 off offer again!
Please use this link to get the discount :…

This promotion expires March 9, 2014 at Midnight Pacific Time. *Offer excludes Framed Art Prints, Stretched Canvases and Throw Pillows with insert.
Hi everyone!

I just got a personalized stamp commissioned from my friend Xinling, and doesn't it look awesome?
Any future real mail from me will feature this little creature!

Handmade Stamp by sandara

She's opening commissions for them (existing or your own design), so please check for details here :…
Happy New Year everyone! :D
May 2014 be a good year and filled with happiness for everyone. :)
I don't normally feature artists, but :iconatomiccircus: 's portraits are just amazing for their detail and massive size! Do drop by his page and take a look. :)

Mixed media family portraits by Dino Tomic by AtomiccircuS

This one is my favorite:
Mixed media portrait of my Grandmother by AtomiccircuS

All done in pastels and color pencils! It took him 500+ hours for the 6 portraits and I cannot imagine how many color pencils. :D
It's back up again!

...on DA here :

I just wanna give everyone a heads up that it's NOT me. I don't have another account here on DA.


Just a quick note to let everyone know that Society6 is offering free shipping from now till Sunday. So if you're looking to pick up a dragon laptop skin or a tshirt, head on over to my shop! :)

Looks like I have let my notes accumulate into a mountain ...

The notes I get generally fall into several common questions, which I'll answer here, as I don't have the time to personally answer every one. I am sorry about this; if I had the time, I would.

1) Commissions : I'm sorry, but I'm still tied up with on-going projects and I can't take on any more.

2) Using my art for blog, sigs, tags, etc : As long as it's personal use, go ahead. :) It would be nice if you could credit me.

3) Software and hardware use : Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Wacom Intuos 4.

Anything else and I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can.
Just out of curiosity, does anyone here collect geocoins? Or do geocaching?
I don't do caching, but geocoins are so beautiful. :)