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Edit : it was a blast! Thank you for coming! ;D
Here is a little more in-depth stuff on creature design :

Hey everyone,

I'll be doing a live art event at the Apple store at Orchard Rd this Sunday (4th march) at 4pm.
I'll be talking about creature design and life in general as an artist here in Sg. I'll also be doing a demo there and the audience can participate too!
So if you're curious about being an artist in Singapore or you wanna try out the IpadPro and Procreate, or you want to know a bit about creature design, do drop by! :D

You need to sign up here :…
Thank you so much! Whoever you are! :)
Thank you everyone! :D…


All sold out! Will restock with new colors in the future!
thank you!

Dragon - enamel pin by sandara
Hey everyone!

EDIT : ALL SOLD OUT!! Thank you all for the support! :D

18403514 2049597841934260 8707124676052310877 N by sandara

Measuring at 4.7Inch (12cm) height, painted with utmost care. Comes with mini art card autographed by the artists, packaged in high quality artbox.

Only unpainted version left :

Buy it here :…

HI everyone,

My terrarium dragon keychain is up for sale on my etsy. :)

Terrarium dragon keychain by sandara 

Sadly no coins will be up for sale this time. Sorry!
Happy v day friends! :)

Happy Valentine's day corgi by sandara

From now onwards I'll be posting sketches (like really rough sketches, whatever ideas I happen to have) on my fb :
so follow me there! :)

Regular art will still be posted on DA here.
Well, this has been a rather sad year...

My family's hamster just passed away this morning. Rest in peace, Puffy. She's had a good 2 years. 

Img 20161231 110146 by sandara

Also I just saw the news that Richard Adams, author of Watership Down passed away on Christmas eve. 
All my favorite authors are going... sigh.


Just want to talk about Watership Down here for a bit, so spoilers ahead, and if you haven't yet read it, go give it a try! It's a great book.


Man, I love this book. One of my top 5, for sure. It's a bit sad that Adams never really managed to write anything else that topped this book though.

I think of all the books I've ever read, this book comes close to having the most perfect ending I've ever seen.
I'm not a religious person, but when all the rabbit mythology gets validated right at the end; that was amazing. 

Also, the first time that Bigwig curses a sentence in full Lapine and I could understand what he was saying was great too. One of the best world-building in a fantasy novel for sure. ;D

Dear friends,

I'm moving house, and so will not be on here so often. Sorry for being slow on the notes and replies!

Hey everyone,

This is gonna be a bit weird, so bear with me as I explain.

I went back to playing WoW, and recently there's this quest to farm up 80 lingering soul fragments.

Here's the commission proposal : 

Help me farm up these 80 soul fragments and I'll paint a portrait of any one of your characters. 
There'll be 4 of you, so it'll be one each.

It'll be half body portrait, something like this :

Sample 2 by sandara  Dfdsfddf by sandara

I'm asking for payment not in money, but in time. I'm estimating 1 - 1.5 hours a week for 8 weeks, maybe shorter if you're really geared. 

I'm on Jubei'Thos US,  Horde. Drop me a note for details. :)


For those of you who say learn to play or something like that, please understand that I'm a very casual player. I only play 1 - 2 hours a day and I don't play every day. I just don't have time to painfully grind up these 80 soul fragments. It's an insurmountable amount for me.
I love Illidan and the reason I even went back to WoW is to see his story line, which is now locked behind these 80 fragments (and who knows what else!)
WoW is supposed to be fun and relaxing, and I do enjoy parts of it like questing, and the world quests, but I just can't run 80 PUGs.

We've been getting some images from artists who have painted up our dragon bust, so here's a little feature of them :

From Svergithz 

  Bust of forest's dragon by Svergithz   

From TinTans

Forest Dragon Bust WIP by TinTans

From Cheng Shuo Lee on fb…

Autumn Color Dragon by sandara

From nodtd1

Forest Dragon bust by nodtd1

They're all so pretty and well done! :heart:
... in answering my notes!
I'm sorry! I'll get around to them.

I was ill and busy and... playing Legion. XD

But I'm really blown away by how nice Legion is. I love the quests, the order class quests, my champions (Kayn <3), the zones, everything is beautiful. I'm so glad I gave WoW another try.
Hey everyone,

My fox pin and my old coins are up for sale here :

Fox pin by sandara

I'm a little tired of doing coins, so these coins will be all I have for the rest of this year. I don't know when I'll be making more, if ever. I'll be concentrating on pins now, as I find they're very cute! :)

Pendants will go on sale later in the year.

I also set up a facebook for my art :…
I'll be posting art, sketches and announcements there.
But DA will still be my primary site. :)
Hey everyone,

The dragon bust is finally ready for sale!

Forest Dragon bust by sandara

Please note that it is a resin kit; it has no colors and comes in pieces you need to assemble! It is 4.7" (12cm) from tip of horns to the base.

Pieces by sandara

Here is the link to buy it --- >…

Use the discount code - SANDAFANX20
To get USD 20 off! This is valid till Nov 30th 2016.

Shipping is USD 11

We're not doing the shipping ourselves; the company that did the kit for us will handle the shipping. :)

Hey everyone,

Remember those dragon busts I had you all voting for sometime back? And majority chose the forest dragon?
Well, my friend has rendered it out and here it is (no color) :

Forest Dragon Keyshot by sandara

Looking good, no? The next step will be to have it printed and cast! :D
Do let us know what you think!

you can check its (and something else's) progress on our fb here :
I'm so behind on all the notes and comments. Many things have happened these few weeks.
I am sorry if I've not replied your note or question.
Thanks everyone for voting! :D

We'll go for the Forest Dragon (no. 2). I'll update you guys on the sculpt when we have made progress on it! Thank you for voting~!

Face 07 by sandara

If it turns out well, we'll be selling the busts, so keep an eye out!
07 by sandara

the man did love his earthworms, among other things.
So I finally got round to watching Spotlight, and whew, I knew what it was going to be about, but I never thought a movie about journalism would be so exciting! It is GOOD. 

I had hoped Mad Max Fury Road would win at the Oscars, but now I hope Spotlight wins something too. 
Green Dragon v2 by sandara